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Maple Building Services is an approved professional installer of the Weber therm.XM product. The features of this system are that it is a high performance external wall insulation which is protected by mesh cloth reinforced polymer render.

Product Benefits


  • Extends the life of existing buildings by keeping the old structure warm and stable

  • Facilitates the decoration and remodelling of existing, and on old tired facades

  • In new builds it simplifies wall construction

Features and Benefits


  • Provides efficient thermal insulation for refurbishment and new build projects

  • Comprehensive range of colours and textures enable the creation of striking visual effects

  • Has a high performance water shedding range of finishes to protect the building fabric

  • Low K-value insulants allow thinner insulation to be used or higher standards to be achieved

  • Eliminates interstitial condensation by creating a 'warm wall' construction

  • Suitable for and effective on most buildings - including lightweight steel frame structures and in-fill panels

  • Supported by comprehensive technical and architectural services



  • Dry dash - weber.rend PTC + aggregates

  • Synthetic finishes

  • Rendered brick effect - weber.rend RBB ( brick base) + weber.rend RBF (brick face)


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